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Vessel of Opportunity Program

Help your community recover from an oil spill

The term “Vessels of Opportunity” (VOO) describes the contributions of local commercial and recreational vessel owners to respond during major oil spills in this state, a rare but potentially devastating occurrence. A major oil spill can signicantly disrupt the economy of the state for weeks, or even months, during the clean up process. Employing VOO and boat crews to assist in emergency response eorts can help our communities recover during a period of disruption. Using the local knowledge that vessel operators possess will greatly aid in a response.

What are Vessels of Opportunity (VOO)?

VOO may be a local commercial or recreational vessel identied to assist in responding to large oil spills in Southeast Alaskan, a rare but potentially devasting occurrence. Vessel owners who volunteer in the VOO program will be a supplement to the system of organized professional spill responders already in place throughout the region. All vessel types are welcome to volunteer: fishing, charter, deck barges, or other types of small to large commercial, passenger and pleasure boats.

How does the program work?

SEAPRO will collect and manage VOO volunteer enrollment information (interested vessel owners can complete the form here). Private entities, such as professional response contractors or oil companies, will use this information to find vessel owners they choose to contract with. If a company decides to contract your vessel’s services, you will sign a private agreement with the company. You will be trained, assigned to a duty, and paid for your occasional, part-time work. All contracts are made between the contractor and the VOO program participant.

Why become a participating volunteer?

In Alaska, companies invest millions of dollars to ensure oil spill response equipment is maintained in a constant state of readiness. Oil spill plans are written and tested in drills. A major oil spill, just like a natural disaster, will test the limits of our investments and plans. Your participation can be used to supplement the system of organized professional spill responders we already have in place.

All oil spills cause environmental harm, regardless of size. Oil is toxic to the environment and the damage starts as soon as the oil hits water. While prevention of spills is industries primary goal. When spills occur quick removal of oil from the water they reduce impacts to the environment.

You can help in this effort keeping the waters we work, play and use for subsistance clean and a benefit to all Alaskans.

How to become a participant

Down load and complete an application and email it to: or

Vessel of Opportunity enrollment

The below link downloads an Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file of the application for enrollment as a member of the SEAPRO Vessel of Opportunity Program. Email your completed application to: or

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