Southeast Alaska Petroleum Response Organization
Providing oil spill response services to member companies

540 Water Street, Suite 201
Ketchikan, Alaska 99901
T:907.225.7002 | F:907.247-1117

General Manager - Dave Owings

Dave is responsible for providing the leadership and management necessary for SEAPRO to be a successful oil spill response organization. Dave serves as the principal administrative, operating and technical executive, controlling all aspects of the development and operation of the corporation, reporting to the Board of Directors and SEAPRO's member companies. During an oil spill, Dave works in the Unified Command with the Incident Commander, Federal On-Scene Coordinator, and State On-Scene Coordinator.

Operations Manager - George Mahoney

George is responsible for the operation and maintenance of all SEAPRO response equipment and vessels, developing & implementing detailed operational/ logistical plans for the movement of resources owned by SEAPRO, ensuring SEAPRO meets all requirements under NPREP guidelines, analyzes and interprets laws and regulations to determine operational requirements for SEAPRO. During an oil spill, George serves as Operations Section Chief, responsible for management of all operations applicable to the primary mission, activating and supervising elements in accordance with the Incident Action Plan and directing its execution, briefing and assigning operations personnel, and making expedient changes to the Incident Action Plan as necessary to accomplish the goals and objectives of the response.

Training & Response Team Manager - Margaret Custer

Margaret is responsible for SEAPRO's training program, including the curriculum, course materials, regulatory and industry compliance, SEAPRO Responder Handbook, and the Response Team database. She provides scheduled HAZWOPER classes throughout Southeast Alaska in the Spring and Fall, as well as online-led trainings and classes for member company groups upon request including maritime safety, equipment familiarization, supervisor training, and other topics. Margaret also maintains NPREP documentation for SEAPRO and member company preparedness, and oversees drills for training or regulatory compliance. During an oil spill, Margaret may fill various ICS positions at Unit Leader or higher in the Planning, Operations, and Logistics sections.

Safety & Development Manager - Jeff Schultz

Jeff is responsible for safety, planning, operations, training and administration of the SEAPRO safety plan and program development in the SEAPRO organization. During an oil spill, Jeff fills the ICS position of Safety Officer, responsible for monitoring and assessing hazardous and unsafe situations and developing measures for assuring personnel safety, performing site characterization to identify all actual or potential physical, biological, and chemical hazards, and preparing and implementing the site specific Health, and Safety Plan in accordance with the Area Contingency Plan and State and Federal OSHA regulations.

Bookkeeper (Contract) - Beckie Allen

Beckie is responsible for all SEAPRO's financial accounting, including accounts receivable, payable and payroll.

Response Team

SEAPRO's Oil Spill Response Team provides a rapid response for any member company who has an oil spill. Our Oil Spill Response Team is the backbone of a spill response in Southeast Alaska.

Wildlife Response Team

The Wildlife Response Team is made up of individuals who have completed specialized training in the various aspects of dealing with wildlife that may be impacted by an oil spill. Depending on the location of a spill, the time of year, and products spilled -- wildlife considerations may be a major component of our response. Through an agreement with International Bird Rescue (IBR), SEAPRO can bring establish a professional wildlife care response team to properly care for wildlife during a response.

SEAPRO's Oil Spill Response Team provides a rapid response for any member company who has an oil spill.

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