Southeast Alaska Petroleum Response Organization
Providing oil spill response services to member companies

540 Water Street, Suite 201
Ketchikan, Alaska 99901
T:907.225.7002 | F:907.247-1117


For information on SEAPRO's Training Program, which includes the OSHA HAZWOPER (HAZardous Waste and OPERations) Emergency Response and Refresher Class, Oil Spill Response Equipment and Deployment training, sign up for a class or enroll in an online course, call us at 907-225-7002. In Alaska, our toll-free number is 888-225-7676 or email us:

For student instructions on how to get started in your online learning view the quick tutorial by clicking on the "Show Me!" and "Go To Learning Center" buttons in the right hand panel.

Supervisors and member company training administrator can view a "how to" video and access SEAPRO University Admin Center using the "Learn How!" button and "Go To Admin Center" buttons in the right hand panel as well.

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SEAPRO offers both Instructor led classroom training and Online self paced training.

Course fees are:

Instructor Lead

24 Hr HAZWOPER Course - $429

8 Hr HAZWOPER Refresher - $189

Online Training

24 Hr HAZWOPER - Non-Member -$225

24 Hr HAZWOPER - Members -$150

8 Hr HAZWOPER Refresher - Non-Member -$75

24 Hr HAZWOPER Refresher - Member -$50

*** SEAPRO Responders are not charged for any training and Member Companies enjoy further discounted rates for online training.***

Please remember:

the schedule for Instructor led classroom training is subject to change due in large part to the extreme weather we are all subject to. Check this site or call often for changes!

Classroom and Field Training Calendar