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Equipment Zone 1 - Ketchikan/Metlakatla

Containment Boom and Accessories
Photo Item Amount
Protected Water Boom Protected Water (internal foam) Boom 8" x 12" 2,300'
Protected Water Boom Protected Water (inflatable) Boom 8" x 12" 820'
Protected Water Boom Open Water (inflatable) Boom 18" x 25" 4,798'
Tidal seal boom Tidal Seal Boom 490'
Hydraulic Power Unit Elastec Reel Pack Power Pack 1
Backpack Blower Stihl Backpack Boom Blower 4
30 Pound Anchor System 30/40 lb. Anchor Systems 51

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Skimming Systems and Accessories
Photo Item Amount
Aqua Guard Triton 35 Skimmer Aquaguard RBS Triton 35 Skimming System 8
Lori 3 Brush Skimmer LORI 3 Brush Skimmer 1
Lori 2 Brush Skimmer LORI 2 Brush Skimmer 2
Elastec Grooved Disc Cartridge Skimmer Elastec X30 Disc Cartridge Skimmer 2
Folex Weir Skimmer Foilex TDS-250 Skimming Systems 2
Marco Belt Skimmer Marco Sidewinder Belt Skimmer 1
Crucial Coated Disc Skimmer Crucial Disc Skimmer 1
Oil Water Separator Oil Water Separator (part of Foilex TDS-250 Skimming Systems) 2
Aquaguard Triton 35 Hydraulic Power Unit Aquaguard Hydraulic Power Unit 8
High Volume Hydraulic Power Unit High-Volume Hydraulic Power Unit 1
Crucial Hydraulic Power Unit Crucial DHP Power Pack 1
Storage Bladders and Portable Tanks
Photo Item Amount
55 foot 249 Barrel Barge 55' - 249 bbl Response Barges 1
1000 cubic meter Towable Temporary Storage Bladder Unitor 1000 M3 Bladder 2
100 cubic meter Towable Temporary Storage Bladder Unitor 100 M3 Bladder 2
Canflex FCB-25 Towable Towable Storage Bladder Canflex Sea Slug FCB-25 Bladder 8
Canflex FCB-43 Towable Towable Storage Bladder Canflex Sea Slug FCB-43E Bladder 1
Canflex FCB-60 Towable Towable Storage Bladder Canflex Sea Slug FCB-60 Bladder 1
Fastank Portable Storage Tank Fastank 5 Portable tank 1
Canflex Portable Storage Tank Canflex Portable Tank CF-1000 1
Pit Liner Pit Liner (various sizes) 2
Transfer Pumps and Accessories
Photo Item Amount
DOP-160 Transfer Pump Desmi DOP-160 2
CHE 3 inch Transfer Pump 3" Transfer Pump - CH&E 2
Honda 3 inch Trash Pump 3" Transfer Pump - Honda 2
Honda 2 inch Trash Pump 2" Transfer Pump - Honda 1
Aquaguard Triton 35 Transfer Pump 3" Diaphram Transfer Pump (part of Triton 35 skimming system) 8
Diesel America 3 inch  Transfer Pump 3" Transfer Pump - Diesel America 1
Spate 3 inch Transfer Pump 3" Transfer Pump - Crucial 1
Transfer Hose 3" Transfer Hose 50'
Photo Item Amount
Honda 2.5KW Generator Honda 2.5 kW Generator 1
Honda 5KW Generator Honda 5 kW Generator 1
Photo Item Amount
48 foot Class 2 Oil Spill Response Vessel 48' Bay Class OSRV 1
Class 6Work Skiff 19' Work Skiff Small Boat 1
Photo Item Amount
Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Photo Item Amount
SplashDrone SwellPro Splashdrone 3+ Waterproof Drone 1
Communications Equipment
Photo Item Amount
Radio Repeater Portable Repeater 2
Communications Console Command Console 1
Hand Held Radio Kit HX-870 Handheld Radio Kit 2
Satellite Phone Satellite Phone 1
Sorbents/Adsorbent Materials
Photo Item Amount
Sorbent Boom 5" or 8" x 10' Sorbent Boom (bale) 115
Sorbent Rolls Sorbent Rolls 12
Sorbent Pads Sorbent Pads (bales) 6
Sorbent Pom Poms Adsorbent (Pom-Pom on rope) Snare 4,000'
Sorbent Sweep Sorbent Sweep 43
Waste Disposal Bags Geo-Bags (1,000 count box or roll) 38
Personal Protective Equipment
Photo Item Amount
Immersion Suit Immersion Suits 8
Mustang Work Suit Mustang Suits 13
Personal Protective Equipment Storage Locker PPE/Safety Modules 2
Response Worker PPE Bag Responder Bags 26
Air Monitoring Equipment
Photo Item Amount
Five Gas Air Monitor BW Technologies GasAlertMicro 5 PID 2
Waste Disposal Equipment
Photo Item Amount
Waste Incinerator Smart Ash Burner 1
Wildlife Program Equipment
Photo Item Amount
Wildlife Hazing Kit Wildlife Hazing Kit 1
Wildlife Rehabilitation Center Wildlife Recovery Unit (mobile) 1
Miscellaneous Equipment
Photo Item Amount
Miscellaneous Equipment Locker Misc. Equipment Modules 3
Collapable Debris Tote Folding Tote 12
Hand Rake Rakes 6
Common Shovel Shovels 6
Pipe Fitting Adapter Kit Crossover Kit 1
Tank Lightering Kit Lightering Kit 1
Shoreline Flushing Kit Cold Water Deluge Kit 1
Gas Powered Pressure Washer Pressure Washer 1
Hot Water Pressure Washer Hot Pressure Washer 1
IMT Support Equipment
Photo Item Amount
Incident Command Support Kit IMT To Go Kit 1