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SEAPRO Non Tank Vessel Program

SEAPRO provides Non Tank Vessel coverage for vessel transiting South East Alaskan waters.


This page is currently under construction. For more information regarding SEAPRO NTV participation, contact Dave Owings or Jeff Schultz at


NTV Area of Coverage Region 1






NTV Coverage Application

The below link downloads the Alaska Department of Enviornmental Conservation (ADEC) NTV Plan Application forms in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file format.


You can also access all the ADEC forms by clicking on this hyperlink:  ADEC Forms


  ADEC Non Tank Vessel Plan Application (435 KB)



  ADEC Plan Suspension or Termination Notification Form (39.5KB)







Technical Documents




RPF Login

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Response Plan Facilitators

State of Alaska and United State Coast Guard approved Response Plan Facilitators can log in here to self register vessels for SEAPRO coverage.


Not currently a SEAPRO RPF Member Company. Send your request for membership to Click to link to launch your email service.

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