Sorbent - Pom Pom


An oil adsorbent solution for recovery of viscous oils on piers, bulkheads, marsh and rocky shore line environments.


Manufacture Various manufactures Model Various
Size 30 -8 oz. units on a 50' rope, 19 1/2" apart Composition Synthetic
Material Polypropylene ribbon Sorbent type IIIc, Sweep
Sorbent capacity 10 to 20 times Reuse Yes
Limitations Low tolerance to stress, boom can break or pull apart under high tension.

Transportation Modes

C-130 DC-6 DC-3 737 Beaver Otter Cessna 206 Cessna 185 Heli Barge Tug (only) Lrg F/V Sm F/V Pickup

Locations & Quantities

Zone 1
55°23'47.94"N 131°43'45.85"W
Zone 7
58°17'26.76"N 134°23'33.26"W
Connex #79