Lori Brush Skimmer 2-2.5

LORI Brush Skimmer HK 2-2.5


The LORI Oil Recovery System (LORS) consists of the unique stiff-brush pack with deflection booms and the patented recovery channel system. The LORI utilizes oil deflection booms to gather floating oil and debris from the water surface on both sides of the vessel. The forward motion of the vessel creates a difference in pressure between the intake and outflow ports which provides an efficient flow through the recovery channel. Oil and debris are separated and removed from the flow. The brush-speed is adjusted according to the operating conditions. The channel that the LORI brush skimmer operates from creates a natural feeding and recirculation which enhances the effectiveness of the recovery process and allows faster skimming.

The LORI bristles recover only oil and debris which eliminates the need to store contaminated water for maximum use of onboard storage capacity. When the system isn't in use it is stowed inside the hull to not disturb other activities of the vessel. The system is deployed in only a few minutes.


Manufacture LORI Model LORI HK2.25 Brush Pack
Service type Chain brush Operating environment Protected waters
Application Advancing skimmer Skimming speed 2-3 kts
Nameplate recovery capacity 516 bbl/hr Water recovery Max 10%
Effective daily recovery capacity 2.477 Sweep width (ft) Varies (increases as additional
boom is added to skimming system.
Wave height (ft) 6.5' dependant on
vessel capacity
Length (ft) 11.5'
Width (in) 28.5" Height (ft) 1.5'
Maximum draft (ft) 2.5' Transit speed Vessel speed
Debris handling Auto/Not affected Pump type Gravity discharge
Best in oil types All types and ages,
also debris and tar balls.
Operators required One (1)
Aux Equipment Hydraulic Power unit and the skimming ORB
are necessary for to unit to operate.

Transportation Modes

C-130 DC-6 DC-3 737 Beaver Otter Cessna 206 Cessna 185 Heli Barge Tug (only) Lrg F/V Sm F/V Pickup
Fixed asset to OSRV

Locations & Quantities

Zone 1

55°23'47.94"N 131°43'45.85"W

Zone 7

58°17'26.76"N 134°23'33.26"W

OSRV Rudyerd Bay
OSRV Neka Bay

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