Action Petroleum Multi Skimmer Model 24


The Action Petroleum Multi-Skimmer Model 24 relies on adhesion of oil to the surface of a rotating drum. As the drum rotates through the oil/water surface, the oil adheres to the drum and removed by a scraper. The product is collected in a sump and is pumped away by an integrated pump.

The Action Petroleum Multi-Skimmer Model 24 can be used in a protected water environment where advancing water is no greater than .5 knots.


Manufacture Action Petroleum Model Multi 24
Service type Drum Skimmer Operating environment Protected waters
Application Stationary Skimming speed <5 kts
Nameplate recovery capacity (bbl/hr) 100 bbl/hr L x W x H 5' x 4' x 2.5'
Weight (lbs.) 42 Max draft (ft) 16
Transit speed N/A Sweep Width (ft.) Varies with the amount
of containment boom for collection.
On board storage N/A Debris handling Not affected
Pump type Integral suction pump Best in oil types Diesel fuel to crude oil
Aux equipment Hydraulic Power unit is
necessary for operations
Operators required One (1)
Limitations Capable of working in seas
of less than 3 ft.
Head type Free floating

Transportation Modes

C-130 DC-6 DC-3 737 Beaver Otter Cessna 206 Cessna 185 Heli Barge Tug (only) Lrg F/V Sm F/V Pickup

Locations & Quantities

Zone 2
55°29'18.28"N 133°08'24.67"W
Zone 3
56°48'28.84"N 132°58'13.91"W
Zone 4
56°58'21.84"N 133°56'26.67"W
Zone 8
59°14'02.27"N 135°26'20.48"W
Connex #21
Connex #41
Connex #42
Connex #81