Fastank Portable Tank


The Fastank-5 is designed as a portable tank capable of being set up on any flat surface. The primary use of the Fastank-5 is for shoreline/shoreside clean up operations. The unit is designed with disposable inner linings which allow the primary tank to remain clean while the inner lining is disposable.


Manufacture Fastank Model Fastank 5
Product Type Open pool/open top Total volume (bbl) 28.5
Application Low capacity skimmer containment Size deployed 7.5' dia. x 4.1' high
Size stored L x W x H (ft) 4.4' x 1.2' x 1.5' Empty weight (lbs) 89
Shipping volume (ft3) N/A Container material Polyester fabric coated with polyvinyl chloride
aluminum frame
Fabric tensile strength (lb/in) 446 lb/in Fabric tear strength (lbs) 270 lbs
Fill/Discharge access Open top Lift points N/A

Transportation Modes

C-130 DC-6 DC-3 737 Beaver Otter Cessna 206 Cessna 185 Heli Barge Tug (only) Lrg F/V Sm F/V Pickup

Locations & Quantities

Zone 1
55°23'47.94"N 131°43'45.85"W

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