Honeywell BW Technologies GasAlert Micro 5 PID Detector


The BW Technology Air Monitor is used to perform initial site characterization of a spill to identify hazardous atmospheric conditions prior to initiating response actions. The GasAlertMicro 5 PID will allow for continual air monitoring to be performed during response actions to insure the safety of the responders.

Air monitors are calibrated on a regular business and prior to each field use. Calibration and bump testing is accomplished in Ketchikan before equipment is deployed.


Manufacture Honeywell Model GasAlert Micro 5
Size 5.7"L x 2.9"W x 1.5"H Weight (oz) 13.5
Detector Class I, Div. I, Gr. A, B, C, D
PID detectable VOC's plus O2, H2S, CO, C6H6, LEL
Battery power Rechargeable Ni-cad/Lithium battery pack;
AA alkaline battery adapter; field replaceable;
15 continuous operating hours
Operating environment 14° to 104° F (-10° to 40°C) Limitation(s) Unit must be calibrated prior to use
and batteries must be charged.

Transportation Modes

C-130 DC-6 DC-3 737 Beaver Otter Cessna 206 Cessna 185 Heli Barge Tug (only) Lrg F/V Sm F/V Pickup

Locations & Quantities

Zone 1
55°20'37.51"N 131°39'02.49"W